"The Screwfly Solution" by James Tiptree, Jr. Literally chilling — there's a middle section involving violence done to female scientist, all off screen, that made me sick to my stomach.

You can read the whole thing online here: http://www.scifi.com/scifiction/cla... » 10/30/14 7:11am Yesterday 7:11am

I'm a native, so I've been to the Mutter a lot. But the first time I went, a group of high school friends and I cut school and went in the middle of the day. I respectfully understand why getting drunk and hanging out with the Soap Lady would be a little freaky, but being literally the only person there, surrounded by… » 10/30/14 7:04am Yesterday 7:04am

I took a break from my normal heavy rotation of Bowie-Smiths-Costello to listen to Guns N Roses yesterday on Spotify. The Appetite for Destruction cd was a huge event for me as a middle schooler — it was basically the first music I really chose for myself, and I went from an all pop, top 40s playlist to GNR over the… » 10/16/14 9:04am 10/16/14 9:04am