Peter Jackson was actively involved in the West Memphis case for many years, and it was his and his wife's backing that got the case out to the Hollywood types, who did a lot of fundraising and publicity in conjunction with the WM3 website crowd. They didn't 'sweep in'; they had been there for quite a long time. » 4/24/14 9:21am 10 minutes ago

I just finished The Light is the Darkness by Laird Barron. I'm really late to his work — he's talked up all the time in horror and new weird reading circles, and I was just being stubborn about not reading him. However, I totally loved this novella. I literally got up in the middle of the night to finish it because I… » 4/22/14 1:38pm Tuesday 1:38pm

Older articles get linked in with related new articles and there's no real way to know that they're old — they just look like links. So if I reader jumps over to that article unless they're paying attention to the date, they assume it's a current conversation. » 4/17/14 11:45am 4/17/14 11:45am