I once received a story I wrote for a creative writing class back with a grade of over 100 —there was a note on it from my teacher that read "Your story was so good I couldn't even grade it on the same scale as the rest of the class. A 100 was not enough." I've gotten a lot of internal mileage out of that comment in… » 4/16/15 4:52am Thursday 4:52am

Like a lot of other people in this thread, Steely Dan is intrinsically connected to my dad. He's a huge Steely Dan fan. When my parents got married and he moved in, I remember lying around the living room while he played Aja on vinyl. When I had to do my middle-school report on 'songs about drugs', my dad taped a copy… » 4/13/15 4:36am Monday 4:36am

It's definitely based on views (I've spoken to JCQ about it before), but I believe it only crawls the .kinja addresses. Which is why GT (a .jezebel) doesn't show up on it, even though I know that we've had days where our views have to be much higher than some of the highlighted posts. » 4/09/15 3:11am 4/09/15 3:11am

I love the clothes on the show, but I also really like that the characters acknowledge in the episodes that they're upper middle class and buy expensive outfits and accessories. I get rather irrationally annoyed at shows that pretend their characters are clothed in stuff us pleebs could get at Target when they're… » 4/02/15 7:33am 4/02/15 7:33am

No, the Black Dahlia murder remains unsolved. There's a whole slew of books by kids claiming their dad was the Black Dahlia killer. In the case of Steve Hodel, who says his father murdered Elizabeth Smart, he also claims his dad was the Zodiac Killer, the Cleveland Torso murderer, and the Lipstick Murderer. » 3/25/15 12:29am 3/25/15 12:29am

I live in a country where kidnapping is a real and active threat. The gangs here have just started calling families and demanding money for kids they've 'kidnapped' — which they haven't, they're just playing the odds that the families will freak out and hand over cash before they figure out their family members are ok. » 3/24/15 1:47am 3/24/15 1:47am